Fox says Quicksilver I say bullshit

25 05 2013

Since the theatrical release of Marvel’s “The Avengers” Marvel execs have been hinting at the use of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch in the sequel. A few days ago Josh Whedon confirmed it. Before any of us fan-geeks had a chance to defog our glasses, Brian Singer posted on twitter that he is using, and has even casted, Quicksilver to use in his film X-men: Days of Future Past.

Could this all be a merry coincidence? Sure. Do I believe it is? Hell no! Fox has pulled this same kind of crap before, using petty tactics to spite competition. In fact this same sort of crap was done in the X-men franchise itself! When James Marson, the man who played cyclops, was cast for Superman Returns, Fox told the X-men writers “Kill off Cyclopes! Kill’em good and fast!” Now I’m all for a old fashion hero slay’n, but only when it progresses the story. While the film already had many other production issues, the script for X-men 3 had been mostly intact…until the command to kill Cyclopes come down from the Fox executive office.This was like throwing a bomb into a tornado made out of feces. What we got was the shit storm that we all know X-men Last stand became.

The point I’m trying to make is during these studio battles the real losers are the fans. We arn’t going to these films wearing “I’m with Disney” T-shirts. We’re going so we can watch stories we’ve enjoyed on paper literally come to life! All we want are for our favorite characters to be brought to life respectively.

I remember after watching x-men one, half the fun of the film were the cameos. No one cared Kitty was in the film for just 30 seconds, she didn’t need to be. We got to see one of our fan favorites come alive. That’s what the magic of cinema is.

And you would think that after all this time, the studios could learn to play a long a little better. If for no one else, then for the fans. The comic book movie goes are large and have proven to be loyal. We deserve for rewards. Who is it really hurting to let Disney say the word “Mutants.” Who is that effecting? If in the Avengers film it is revealed that Quicksilver is the child of Magneto, why is that such a bad thing? Avengers showed that by linking movies, it will increase viewership. Is Fox’s head so far up it’s own ass that it’s willing to turn down free publicity by revealing Quicksilver has ties to the X-men Franchise?

Both films are in production, and while Fox has burned us many times, Josh Whedon has done right by his fans. If the Quicksilver thing ends up being more trouble then it’s worth Josh will scrap it. As pointed out, there is no shortage of fantastic Avengers to use. But if this is going to become a studio war, “I’m with Josh”