Justice Who?

20 04 2012

In this week’s issue of “Justice League,” it has been revealed that in the new DC timeline the Justice League has had the same 7 members since its creation. For a hard reset that wouldn’t be hard to swallow, but for a soft resent, this leaves far too many questions opened and classic stories all be thrown to the side. Here a just a few;


1) What was the Crisis regarding Identities?

DC has said that Identity Crisis is in continuity, but the league members that the title focused on aren’t? Green Arrow, Hawkman, The Atom, Elongated Man, and Zatanna are just a few of the key members of the League pivotal to this instant classic story. You take away the mind wipes, you take away Elongated Man’s tragedy, you take out Wally, what do you have left? Captain Boomerang killing Tim Drake’s daddy. Not quit the memorable story it once was….


2) So when Hal was dead….

We know Hal, Superman, and Batman all have died in the new 52 continuity. So who was in the league while they were resting in graves? We know Kyle is a Green Lantern and Dick Grayson was Batman, but not mention of them stepping into the League’s satellite. And how about Mr. West? Did Grant Morrison’s entire run of JLA simply exist as a bad dream?


3) Hal and Ollie, best friends forever bitter rivals

So Hal and Ollie aren’t besties anymore huh? That leaves a huge question about many of the classic relationships and friendships we’ve watched grow over the years.


4) Anything with Captain Marvel

So I guess we should just go ahead and ignore any story with Captain Marvel in it….


5) Cyborg don’t need no side-kicks

Remember how Jason Todd told Roy Harper a few months back in “Red Hood and the Outlaws” that Roy and Vic used to hang out? Yeah, it doesn’t seem that way no more.

6) No one likes you Martian Manhunter

Remember how the league used to call Martian Manhunter the backbone? And how J’onn was the strong silent type who always had an ear for his friends? Yeah…now he’s just freak’n crazy. Apparently if Geoff Johns hasn’t written you as a title character, your ass better get the hell off the JLA.