2 02 2012

Should there be Spider-Men in the main Marvel Universe?

2 02 2012


               It hasn’t even been a year since Miles Morales took on the role of Spider-man in Marvel’s Ultimate Universe. In this short amount of time, the character has already developed a strong fan base and excellent reviews from critics. So is it surprising that Marvel now tissues the idea of Miles teaming up with the Peter Parker of Marvel’s primary line? Not at all. Shoot it happen though? Hell no!

The idea of Spider-man without Peter Parker threw any survivors of the clones years into a panic. Combine that with the anger of fanboys believing spidey’s ethnicity change was a PR stunt and you’ve got one hot and nasty soup. But Miles won over the hearts of many nay-sayers. How?

1) They killed off Peter as a hero. Peter wasn’t written off as a clone, or didn’t get transformed into a baby, Peter took on several of hid deadliest foes and saved the lives of many loved ones. He went down like a true G-unit.

2) They didn’t rush the introduction of Miles. They developed him outside of the mask first.

3) Miles was never just about race. While that is the first thing that pops up, the character is different from Peter in nearly every single way. He more introverted, he’s younger, he’s got bother parents alive and loving him, and he lives in an entirely different part of the city. Hell, he even has a different power set. This is a new character entirely.

4) Miles continues the idea that the Ultimate line should be made of stories that can never be told in the regular universe. As long as you have Peter under the mask people are going to compare his stories to those previously written. The way Miles faces off against Venom will be entirely different, the relationship with the Human Torch will be entirely different, and who knows how new versions of classic characters will be introduced!

So if he’s so great why not pair to two up?! Because it negates so many of the great things I said above!

1) We have enough spider people already. There’s Scarlet-Spider, Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl, Black Cay, Venom, and now you want to add another one? What good does it do? Is this an attempt to give Peter is own side-kick?

2) Peter is to Miles and Uncle Ben was to Peter. Miles is forever going to want to know “what Peter would have done” or “How did Peter do this.” If he knows Peter then it takes away part of his inner confliction.

3) Remember when I said Miles was not about race. If they put Miles in the main universe then I may have to say “yeah, this is about race.” Why else introduce Miles into the main universe? If you give him his own book then there will be little point in the Ultimate Spider-man line. If you have him simply as a supporting cast member then must of what makes Miles so special will have to be lost.

4) Crossovers between different marvel time lines is nothing new. And it could work. But going back to a previous point, I feel that having Miles meet Peter (any form of Peter) so soon after he takes on the mask will take away part of what’s making the title currently so endearing.


But who am I kidding. I’m going to buy and read the book, whether it’s a team-up, cross-over, merger, or just a giant cock tease. I love Miles and I love Peter and I’m sure watching the two interact will be fun. But it’s going to be like eating a bunch of candy. It’ll be fun and enjoyable at first, and then I’ll have a headache followed by the shits at night.