Green Arrow points to plot holes

18 01 2012

In the solicit for Justice League issue 8 it reveals that Green Arrow has never been a member of the Justice League. In DC’s soft relaunch some titles got heavy face lifts then others, and some information about our favorite caped crime fighters have yet to be revealed. Green Arrow never being a member opens and closes more windows then you would think at first glance:


Who are Green Arrow’s homies?


Much of what made Green Arrow, Green Arrow, came from his adventures in the League. His friendship with Hal and his romance with Black Canary are two very large ones. DC has also stated that Identity Crisis is canon. A story Green Arrow’s role in the Justice League is key to. Sure, DC said that “some stories just happened differently” but when Wally doesn’t seem to exist yet, Green Arrow was never in the league, and apparently Ray Palmer’s not DC’s Atom, I’m interested how this classic tale will be retold. By interested I of course mean I’m expecting a fiery hailstorm of retcommed shit.


Who has been and who has not been in the JLA:


Green Arrow was among the first super heroes to “join” the league after its original incarnation. Far less iconic characters have been members since, such as Vixen and Red Tornado. Other members are still in the in 52, such as Nightwing, but their time in the League has not been mentioned. This also leaves two of the League’s most iconic incarnations completely in question, such as….


Look at all the moments of friendship DCNU Arrow is missing out on.


What does this mean for Grant Morrison’s run?


Grant Morrison’s JLA run was one of the Leagues more iconic and popular incarnations. Now it looks the his run makes little to no sense in the DCNU. Wally probably wasn’t there…but what about Connor Hawke? Conner Hawk, a fan favorite in his own right, was in the Justice League heavily due to his father’s involvement in the league. Was the lil orphan-monk ever a member? Hell, does he even exist anymore?! And now I have to ask, if not Wally and no Connor was Kyle ever in the Justice League? We know that Hal was Specter for a little while, DC confirmed it, so was Kyle there but without his two best buddies? It’s as if these characters a run away puppies, and rather then try and find them DC is moving to a new condo.



And what about speedy arsenal red arrow Arsenal?


Roy Harper was been a member of the Justice League. He even makes a comment in “Red Hood and the Outlaws” that the League won’t contact him. While it does to confirm, it does imply that Roy either was a member or once held strong ties to the Justice League. If Green Arrow was never a member was Roy?


What about the Titans?

We know that Roy used to hang out with Nightwing and Cyborg during their early crime fighting days. Did they just happen to go on random team-ups or was there actually a Teen Titans team they all belong to. The original premise of the Teen Titans were that these side-kicks where inspired by their mentors in the league. If there was no original Titans this could mean we all have to say farewell to Donna Troy and Wally West (and begin planning our violent siege of DC comics HQ).



Did Green Arrow ever die?


We know Superman died, we know Hal Jordan died, and we know Jason Todd died. What about Green Arrow? We know Blackest Night Happened. Major characters directly linked to it where Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and…wait for it…GREEN ARROW. Is this another retcom that we’re going to hear about during a 2 panel flash back and just accept?

“Is it true you once died Aquaman?”

“Ah yes! I remember the day the undead rose! My side kick of many years died that day!”

“Wow Aquaman, how did you all win?”

“Not sure. Something to do with rings and Power Rangers. But I do know that a Flash was there. Not sure how many though. At least one for sure.”


Presentation is everything: Aquaman

4 01 2012

If you where to tell someone that one of DC’s strongest books closing 2011 was Aquaman, you would have been mocked and wedgied, but that’s the case now. Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, and Jim Lee have turned Aquaman into one of the coolest super heroes of the year. And they did that without giving the character any drastic changes. In fact, of all the Justice Leaguers, Aquaman is among the least changed. So why has it taken so long for people to recognize that green pants + orange shirt = bad ass mo’fo? It’s all because of the way Aquaman has recently been presented. Rather than sell this fish in a McDonalds wrapper, they’ve been serving him with a nice salad topped with awesome.  Here’s a few simple tweeks that have turned Aquaman into an Aquabadass.

People make fun of Aquaman in his own book


Picture you’re at a boat house and you see this tall blonde haired guy walk in wearing green pants and an orange shirt. You and your friends do the only thing that makes any sense, you point and laugh at him. Rather than try and reach out to this lonely and miss understood individual who is seeking friendship, you poke jokes at the loser he is.


Aquaman’s creators have taken a different approach to the way characters view Aquaman in the DCU. Once upon a time you would see citizens of Metropolis rejoice when Aquaman arrived to fight an alien invasion. Of course as a reader you would ask yourself why isn’t Superman taking care of this? What can a guy who swims really fast do against areal spacecrafts? Now the citizens in said fictional city are saying the same thing. Aquaman is considered a joke in the DCU among peers, but in a weird way it makes you root for him even more. When you read someone making fun of Mr. Author Curry you want to see that guy get his teeth knocked out. It also makes for a fun read. How can you not laugh when someone says, “You can’t eat fish…you’re Aquaman?”



He doesn’t wear an orange shirt, he wears orange armor


So going back to the party, you notice a hot red head. As you’re thinking up a clever pick-up you notice that she’s with the guy in the orange shirt. Thanks to those shots of cheap vodka you know exactly how to impress her, by kicking her boyfriend’s ass. You walk up to him, punch him in the gut, and discover that you have now have a broken hand


Geoff and friends have made it clear that Aquaman doesn’t wear some orange v-neck from express. This boy is packing full plated armor built for two things: kicking ass and taking names.


He’s not just strong, he can fight (and he’ll fuck you up)


So hand to hand combat doesn’t work. Luckily, you come from the toughest street in Detroit and you brought your crew with you.  Your two best friends from first grade pull out hand guns and shoot him right in the face. The bullets merely scratch him in the face. This freak of nature then picks your friends up, one hand each, and throws them across the room. You now notice a giant trident on his back and decide to make an escape.


Aquaman’s not some punk who’s only useful around water. He’s also not just super strong. Aquaman as military knowledge, is a skilled fighter, and can take bullets in the freak’n head. He will also kill you. In several fights, Aquaman has used deadly force where needed, including impaling monsters in the head and killing off an entire species by starving them to death. If that’s not gangsta shit I don’t know what is.


His girlfriend will kick your family tree’s ass.


As you begin to leave you see the red head you originally wanted to hit on. She’s in the way of your destination (the exit) so you quote the great philosopher Ludacris by saying, “Move bitch, get out the way!” Apparently that offended her as you find yourself suddenly in a whirlwind made of water.


In most comic books, the protagonist’s love interest is primarily a plot device. Spider-man doesn’t get saved my Mary Jane too often, and I don’t remember the last time Lois Lane fought off Parasite. In Aquaman’s case, his honey bunny is arguably as powerful as he is. Water control is pretty damn useful, and she is also a skilled combatant. It’s nice to know your girlfriend can run the shop if you’re having a sick day.


He talks to fish SHARKS


So you decide to get the hell out of that bar. Sure you’re at a boat party, but it’s ok because you were captain of the swim team in high school. So you jump in, and then notice a few gold fish swimming around you. Someone how that orange shirt guy is controlling the gold fish. You tell to him about how his super power sucks, and then you’re greeted by giant sharks and octopuses.


Aquaman uses sharks in fights to eat his enemies…nuff’ said