17 11 2011

DC Nation isn’t enough, we need a Comic Book channel

17 11 2011

Cartoon network announced they are going to dedicate a block to DC comic characters and titles. This is very exciting news, and DC animation definitely deserves it. While this makes many comic book readers happy, there is an old saying; “Give a man an inch and he’ll take for a mile.” WELL I WANT MY DAMN MILE! This got me thinking about how awesome a TV network dedicated to comic book shows would be! What’s that you say? There’s not enough quality comic book based programs developed/made to fill a network’s schedule? 1) Your mom could fill a network schedule and 2) I beg to differ. Sure most of them won’t be original programming at first, but many stations (including cartoon network) begin with reruns and then transition into original material. And with more and more comic book based shows being developed, I don’t think it would be nearly s hard to fill a programming block as you would imagine. He’s a example of what “The Comic Network” could look like

5:00am: Spider-man and his amazing friends

5:30am: Super Friends

6:00am: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

6:30am: Kryto the super dog

7:00am: Teen Titans

7:30am: Ben 10

8:00am: Super-hero squad (new episodes)

8:30am: Batman the Brave and the Bold

9:00am: X-men Evolution

9:30am: Spectacular Spider-man

10:00am: Spider-man

10:30am: Spider-man

11:00am: Wolverine and the X-men

11:30am: Men in Black

12:00pm: Dragonball Z

12:30pm: Dragonball Z

1:00pm: Naruto

1:30pm: Sailor Moon

2:00pm: Power Rangers (new episodes)

2:30pm: TMNT

3:00pm: Static Shock

3:30pm: Superman TAS

4:00pm: Batman TAS

4:30pm: Batman TAS

5:00pm: Justice League

5:30pm: Batman Beyond

6:00pm: X-men TAS

6:30pm: Ultimate Spider-man (new episodes)

7:00pm: Young Justice (new episodes)

7:30pm: Ben 10: Alien force (new episodes)

8:00pm: Avengers (new episodes)

8:30pm: Green Lantern (new episodes)

9:00pm: X-men Anime (new episodes)

9:30pm: Iron Man Anime (new episodes)

10:00pm: Wolverine Anime (new episodes)

10:30pm: The Venutre Bros (new episodes)

11:00pm: Heroes

11:30pm: Heroes

12:00am: The walking dead ( new episodes)

12:30am: The walking dead (new episodes)

1:00am: Misfits

The Dark Knight Vs. Bane

9 11 2011

Here is a scene being filmed from “The Dark Knight Rises.” It involves a riot and Bane smacking the cape crusader around like a teenage sidekick.


2 11 2011


In the most recent episode of “The Walking Dead,” Shane shoots Otis in the leg, allowing him to escape and leaving Otis to be eaten by zombies. This allowed Shane to escape alive and get the medical supplies needed for Carl to live. No one can argue what Shane did was “good,” but was what he did “bad” or “evil.”

It’s easy to cast hatred on Shane, after all, he slept with his best friends girl and now killed a man to make an escape. These actions have also made him arguably the most complex character in the show. While he slept with Rick’s wife, Shane honestly thought Rick was dead, and is very happy to have Rick alive. And although he created Otis’s death, if Shane had not left Otis to die, three people would now be dead, rather than one. Himself, Otis, and Carl. Shane would not have been able to escape the zombies with his broken ankle.


In all of these scenarios, Shane was left with a heavy amount of guilt. He did not enjoy the situations he created, but has done what he has had to do in order to keep himself, and his companions, alive. Shane makes hard decisions Rick, at this point, would not be able to make. Shane isn’t a nice guy, but he’s not a villain in the show either. If Carl embodies innocence, and Rick embodies leadership, then Shane is survival.

2 11 2011