Would Wolverine get a teacher’s degree?

31 10 2011

After the events of X-men: Schism, Wolverine built his own x-men academy. Many fans say that this is completely out of character for Logan. No one can deny his love for drinking beers and kicking ass. In most of his more iconic incarnations he’s also the angriest x-men and the first to challenge the leadership of Cyclops. But when you look deeper into his character, Wolverine as the Headmaster of a mutant academy makes a lot of sense.

For Wolverine, Xavier’s institute was more than just a school. It was the first place anyone treated him as more than a monster. He learned to channel his rage, found a family in his teammates, and even mentored more than a few other mutants along the way. While he often butted heads with Cyclopes, this wasn’t due to a disrespect for leadership, but because he and “slim” where like oil and vinegar. He has followed many other X-men without much hesitation, including Storm, Angel, and Nightcrawler. And in time, Wolverine became one of Cyclopes most trusted teammates. Current day Wolverine is even on two avengers’ teams.

Wolverine still refers to himself as a monster and never wishes for anyone to experience to cruelty he once did. For Logan to worry that an entire generation of mutants would not get the childhood he dreamed of makes sense. And it’s not as if Wolverine is leading the school on his own or without inner confliction. In the very first issue he struggles with the very notion of himself as headmaster and surrounds himself with many of the X-men most dedicated to Xavier’s dream.


Who do you want to see in Young Justice?

21 10 2011

Who was right in X-men: Schism

13 10 2011

Now that the reasons are revealed and the X-men have chosen sides, who do YOU think was right? And why?

Official Avengers trailer

12 10 2011

Let the nerdgasims begin


Alfred’s gotta gun

6 10 2011

Warner Bros. Animation recently accounted a new Batman CGI series titled “Beware the Batman.” As a whole Batman has  been portrayed very well in his animated forms. But this latest incarnation….what’s another phrase for “What the hell?”

It’s not so much Batman or a CGI cowl I’m concerned about. It’s his side-kicks. “How did they change Robin?” you maybe be asking. Oh, Robin’s literally not even in the picture. But what we do get is, and this is a quote from the developers, “A gun-trotting Alfred.”

Let that sink in.

"Excuse me Master Wayne, but shall I bust a cap?"

Fighting along side Batman. Vs the Joker. Is Alfred……with two hand guns……..and no mask….

Batman. The guy who said “Never use guns.”  Alfred. The father figure to Bruce Wayne. Shooting down the Riddler.

But don’t worry, they aren’t alone. Instead of Batgirl, we get Katana. A female warrior you uses as Katana sword.

I put this right next to the image of a motorcycle riding Commissioner Gordon and a nunchuck wielding Lucius Fox

So while in the comic books Batman’s sidekicks used Bo Staffs and Boomerangs, in the cartoon they’re busting heads with knives and guns…Batman’s gone straight hood.