No I in Cyclopes

1 09 2011

Marvel released a update image of the new X-men line-ups, revealing more members of each team book. The most interesting to me is seeing Ice-man on “Team Wolverine.” Not because it doesn’t make sense for bobby to want to hang out with one of the only other X-men movie survivors, but because this heavily implies NONE of Scott’s original teammates have is back anymore. He made out with Emma on Jean’s tomb stone, Beast is a little P.O’d about the whole “Cyclopes left me to be tortured” thing…followed by the “Nightcrawler got impaled” thing, and Archangel has been a member of X-force for a hot minute now. With what appears to be a silhouette of Magneto behind Emma. I find it hard to believe Xavier with be having coffee at Scott’s place. Iceman seemed like the last guy to want to hang out with his former leader, but now it appears Scott’s burned the bridge of Bobby Drake.

What adds even more interest to this, is that all the surviving original “all new all different x-men” have been shown on “Team Cyclopes.” Typically, that group of x-men have been written as being very close to one another. Do you think it was intended for Wolverine and Cyclopes to trade fishing crews? Or perhaps the end of Schism will reveal a final swap in demeanor, showing the two have rubbed off on each other more than anyone had expected.