1 08 2011

Images of the Dark Knight Rise’s incarnation of  Bane  have begun rising (no pun intended) online. Here is a full image of Batman’s back break’n buddy


This image makes me want to watch Silence of the Lambs.....or Dark Knight...both great movies


This is an interesting departure of the comic book’s image of bane. I for one don’t mind a departure from the comic book image, because, let’s face it, do we really want to watch Batman fight someone from Wrestle Mania?




I’m not sure if I’m digging the coat though. Nolan’s costume teams haven’t done us wrong yet. Scarecrow, Two-Face, and Joker have all been great. But when I think “Villain” I don’t think trench coat or popped collar.


But these images potentially reveal aspects of the plot, and which versions of Bane will be used.



In the comic books, a large part of Bane’s strategy for taking down Batman was by committing a jailbreak at Arkham Asylum. After Batman was tired from battling each adversary, Bane attacks a fatigued Bruce Wayne. This video hints that this version of Bane maybe using a similar strategy. While it’s not shown what jail this is (I’d love for it to be Arkham), this could mean the return of villain ranging from Scarecrow to some of the Mob bosses Joker didn’t kill.



Another image leaked reveals Batman battling Bane. But look closely. In this scene the back of his neck is covered. There are no wires attached to him in any way, implying that Bane is not using the serum, Venom, that enhances his strength.



but in the preview images there is a hole on the back of the mask. Could Bane get access to Venom during the story?





So what are your thoughts on Bane’s look?