Captain America Review

22 07 2011

If you’ve seen the Captain America trailer then you know what you’re getting, and that’s what you get. So if you liked the trailer, you’ll like the movie. If you thought the trailer was lame, you’ll think the same of the movie.


While the film was titled “Captain America: The first Avenger” it really should have been titled “Steve Rodgers.” The film focuses much more on Steve Rodgers and what makes him great as a character. We watch Steve go from a kid getting mugged behind movie theaters to a man that will kick your ass with a car door, but he never loses his Good-Samaritan heart. That’s what really makes Steve Rodgers a great character, which the movie drives home.


Everyone says “Captain America is the best Soldier” but he’s really not. He’s fought for the America Army. He’s always fought for the American Ideals. The best line in the film is when Steve says, “I don’t like bullies.” And what’s what Captain America is about. He stands up for what is right. No matter how badly someone treats him, Steve will be the first to offer that man a hand. That vast majority of this film focuses on this side of the character. If you wanted 2 hours of beat-downs from an American flag, you should just watch “Team America World Police.”


The “Captain America” and “First Avenger” parts where lacking. When Steve was suited up and kicking Nazi Ass I was pissing out bald eagles! There were great fight scenes! But the majority of them came off more as a montage. Captain America is usually shown as an inspiration to the troops. The vast majority of World War 2 set Captain America tales had him facing unbeatable odds, saving platoons, and uniting soldiers. You didn’t get that feeling in the film. It felt more as though Captain America was a respected soldier, but not a point of inspiration for the troops. Then there is the “First Avenger” part of the title. It was most likely added simply to promote Marvel’s “Avengers” movie. There is very little foreshadowing of Captain America’s role with the Avengers. And there shouldn’t have been. This is supposed to be a Captain America movie, not “Avengers the extended preview.”


The bit of “Captain America” I felt was lacking was in the villain, the red skull, which is a crying shame. The Red Skull is supposed to be to Captain America to what the Joker is to Batman. If there was ONE person Captain America would kill, it’d be the Red Skull. But in the film you don’t get that feeling of deep hatred or animosity. They are only enemies because one is American and one kills Jews. You could have thrown any other guy in the film, named him “Dr. Blitzkrieg,” and gotten the same results. Red Skull needs to be the guy that makes Captain America want to shake a baby. If you want to have Brooklyn destroyed by the ship from Independence Day, Red Skull needs to be driving it. If you want to have the president die by way of a samurai sword, you need to put a kimono on Red Skull. If you want to have Bucky eaten by a T-Rex, Red Skull better be riding it with a cowboy hat on.


I know it feels like I’m bashing Captain America, but I did enjoy it. It has a solid plot, great action scenes, and good eater eggs for fans. Honestly, the films biggest problem is that it released after Thor and X-men: First Class. The bar was raised so high by these films. And then next summer we have Avengers, and The Dark Knight Rises. Captain America unfortunately suffers from middle child Syndrome. But it does offer great set ups for sequels and offers a good lead in for Avengers.