Fan’s don’t think the costumer is wonderful

21 03 2011

This is what Wonder Woman's costume was

Of DC’s three most iconic characters, Wonder Woman has had the hardest time breaking into main stream media. Superman gets a teen drama, Batman gets a platoon of animated adventures, while Wonder Woman get to co-star with 6 other heroes in Justice League. Wonder Woman has been in less main stream media adoptions than both Batgirl and Supergirl, both of whom are side-kicks.


So now, Wonder Woman maybe getting her own live action TV series again! You would imagine fans would be thrilled, but the response at one of DC’s live panels shows fans are less the excited about her most recent costume.


Personally I think it’s fine. Don’t get me wrong, like most hederal sexual men I like watching women run around with bare legs also. But Wonder Woman’s comic book

This is what the costume will be

costume won’t work in a modern day live action TV series. It’s nothing against the character, but there are some costumes that don’t work in live action. Sometimes it’s because the costume is dated, other times a network or movie studio would rather make a more moderate adaption of said character’s costume to ease the transition from paper to camera.


If Wonder Woman was running in her iconic uniform, it would look like an episode of Baywatch. Does giving the lady some pants really change that much about the character? Honestly, the creative team needs all the support they can get right now. No network has even picked up the show yet, and the movie has all been completely been dumped. If the big wigs at NBC find out that the 40 year old men wearing wonder women T-shirts aren’t backing the project, can you really blame them for turning a nose at it themselves? This could be Diana’s chance to get back on the same level as Superman and Batman. Let’s put

This is what the costume could have been

some faith in the writers, or at least wait to see the pilot in action before we fully turn our backs. And then, if the pilot sucks, let’s troll every Wonder Woman forum that’s on DC’s message boards.

This is what the costume will always be at conventions















What we poke-need

7 03 2011

Nintedo has stood by the moto “if it ain’t broke, don’t touch the shit” with the main Pokemon games, which is odd when you look at the rest of the company. It isn’t uncommon for Nintendo to take risks with its other characters. And I’m not even talking about safe risks, Nintendo has incorporated some pretty ridiculous changes into franchises that didn’t seem to need them. They gave their plumber a dinosaur to ride. They gave a starship pilot a submarine. They even changed the control scheme of Donkey Kong to incorporate bongos! BONGOS! Nintendo didn’t think it was weird enough for Donkey Kong to ride an ostrich,  they didn’t think it was odd not to have him in his own two sequels, but Bongos….that’s apparently what Donkey Kong needed. And the shit worked! These kind of ideas have worked over and over again!  Sure Nintendo has had a few misses, but they have had vast success. So why haven’t they done this with their Pokemon franchise?

With the release of Pokemon: Black and White, the formula remains the same, and the changes from the first title to this one are few. Sure you can do three on three battles, and now you can put sunglasses on your Bulbasaur, but shouldn’t the game have evolved more by now? They haven’t even changed the number of Gyms you face or the number of starting Pokemon. Playing pokemon now is like hanging out with your friend from high school who’s still working at the same grocery store. It’s nice to see him, it’s fun to relive memories, but soon you start to ask “When are you going to grow up or do something new?”

And the changes Pokemon should have made by now are honestly no brainers. The first being….

Custom Trainer Avatars

Pokemon was originally aimed at 9-13 year old boys, so it made sense for your character to be a 10 year old boy. Now boys and girls, men and women, of all ages play these games. A black male in college has a difficult time relating to a ten year old. And when the towns people continuously refer to you as “Young boy” it feels less like the game trying to bring you in and more like Nintendo trying to give you a clue about your social status. Why not have a few basic options, such as skin color, different clothes, or the ability to add facial hair. The game doesn’t have to lose its cartoonish charm but it would be fun to have an avatar that looks like an old man.

Choose your starting town

Most games these days give you some sort of origin control. In many games this option does little past giving you a few different dialogue trees, but it makes you feel as though your experience in the game isn’t just like everyone else’s. No trainer you meet will have more than 6 Pokemon, and this game has a very simplistic leveling structure. How hard would it be to program the game in a way that based each gym leaders pokemon/levels off of your starting location? When you travel the world of Pokemon all you’re really doing it going in a giant freak’n circle.

Starters in the wild

Ok Nintendo, we get it, you want to encourage people to trade Pokemon.  Fine. But now there are over 400 of the little bastards. Having to find a friend willing to replay the opening hour of the game 3 times just so you can collect 2 of these creatures seems more like cruelty then fun. Cut us a freak’n break and allow us to capture these guys in the wild! 

Moral choices

Another popular theme in video games are moral choices. Considering that the underlying theme of this game is capturing wild creatures and forcing them to battle at an age where dog fighting is one of the most horrific acts a sports player can do, you would imagine that having a few moral choices incorporated into Pokemon would be a no brainer. I’m not saying you should be able to kill Pokemon or leave them to die, but how about feeding them and letting them rest vs having them battle and level up? What about being able to choose to join team rocket or the police force? I have watched Jesse and James fail at capturing Pikachu for over 10 years now. I demand my chance!

Pokemon on wii

This is something EVERYONE wants. EVERYONE! Yes Nintendo, we realize part of the charm of Pokemon is that you can play the game on the go and challenge people in the streets. Well have you looked at the statistics of your target audience? They aren’t going outside anymore. And the ones that do play Pokemon outside are getting beat up and mugged.