What if: DC Heroes for hire

22 09 2010

While most of DC’s hero’s have steady jobs as journalist, air force pilots, and monarchs, Marvel’s hero’s aren’t so lucky. They tend to live in dangerous neighborhoods or with parent figures. The super guys and gals at Marvel have a tough time making a buck, so it makes sense that several of their heroes would turn to their powers for sources of finance. While Marvel has a “Heroes for Hire” team, DC’s heroes don’t have as much of a problem finding financers. But what if there was a DC version”Heroes for Hire?” Who would you want to see in it?

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Stabila Wa?

15 09 2010

This last year, comic book characters have been playing “Identity Musical chairs.” We’ve got Dick Grayson (Formerly Nightwing) as Batman, Stephanie Brown (who was formally Spoiler) as Batgirl, James Barnes (who was formerly Winter Soldier) as Captain America, Clint Barton (who was formally Ronin) back as Hawkeye, and Barry Allen (who was formally dead) as another Flash (because you can’t have enough of them).

Green Lanterns have become DC's Jolly Ranchers. You reach into the bag and any one of them could come out. And you never get the one you want.

Now Marvel has announced that Black Panther will be the new “MAN WITHOUT FEAR” Am I the only one that’s beginning to miss some stability in our comic heroes? I know what an oxymoron it seems to use “stability” with “comic books.” We’re talking about an industry with 6 books that use the word “Avengers” in it. But with so much going on, it can be hard to enjoy some of the stories published, without focusing on the future. You can’t live in the moment in comic books. As readers we’re already anticipating Bruce Wayne’s return and the new Fantastic Four line-up.

Earlier in the decade, when you where reading a Kyle Rayner Green Lantern story, you didn’t feel like each story was a building block for Hal’s return. Sure you might have wanted Hal back at the time, but each story arc didn’t have a clue about his return in it. And then there is our good friend Black Panther, who recently has been anything but stable. It seems like the poor guy just can’t get his feet on sturdy ground. It’s like he’s constantly playing pitch-hitter for super heroes. If he’s not in X-men picking up ladies then the guy is stepping in for the Fantastic Four. And if he’s not with the FF he’s in a coma. Now you’re telling me that the ruler of an African country is going to spend his time in a downtown district? And for how long? Am I really supposed to believe this change is going to be permanent? I doubt it will last a year and a half. Come the next “Secret Civil Crisis Crossover” event his ass will be back in Africa.