Artemis R.I.P

26 07 2010

This past weekend at Comic-Con 2010 we got a preview of the Young Justice animated series. I’m a little surprised at how soon after the end of Teen Titans we are seeing another DC teen super hero series. It’s a real statement about the strength of these characters. It’s also exciting to see a larger range of DC heroes getting air time.

The vast majority of what I’ve heard regarding the series excites me; a strong cast, great animation, shows greater DC universe, characters such as Red Arrow getting air time, and two Green Lanturns. The creators have said some characters are going to die by the end of the season! Could this mean someone is leaving the team, or perhaps a character death (you can never have enough characters die in DC comics). I love a well written character death. It leads to the growth of other cast members, leaves a memorable story, and creates that feeling of thrill since “no character is safe.” (Please note that I said “well written.” Because there are few things worse than a crappy character death. *cough cough Ultimatum*) To bad for Artemis, all signs are pointing to her.

What evidence do I have?

1)      The creators pointed out that there is a very specific story they wanted to tell with Artemis. Ok, no biggie.

2)      Images are shown of Green Arrow, Speedy, and Red Arrow. Making it a safe bet that the Arrow family will be receiving plenty of air time. While that doesn’t seem to odd all, it’s interesting to see a group besides the Bat-clan take the spotlight in …well….ANYTHING DC animated. But with all these Arrows flying around, there is probable a reason.

3)      She’s the least profitable character, merchedising financial wise. Robin is teen superhero posterboy. Kid Flash will be co-starring in a new comic book series this year. Superboy and Miss Manhunter are both kick’n it in the Teen Titans comic book series. And having recently been accused of an ethnicity slaughter by fans (R.I.P Atom,) I doubt killing the only black teenager in DC besides Static Shock and half of firestorm would be a good idea.

4)      The creators have said they plan on using Arrowette in the future. ( Can you say replacement?

It’s a shame that Artemis could be the one to die, comic books have a bad reputation for their treatment of female characters. This doesn’t mean that it couldn’t very well be Kid Flash or someone else who’s gonna bite the dust. Also, this is comic book world. If Artemis turns out to be really popular they’ll just have Ra’s Al Ghul resurrect her or something.


“Super Villians who suck at their job –The Shredder”

13 07 2010

Like every other male who grew up in the late 80’s early 90’s I will always have a deep love for the Ninja Turtle cartoons. And Shredder is one of my favorite villains of all time. But let’s be real here people, he sucked at being a villain.

For starters he’s not only a master ninja, but a master ninja with lots and lots of swords. Geek law proclaims that if you have blades attached to your hands you’re a badass. Wolverine, Lady Deathlock, Freddy Cugar all badasses. Shredder gets his butt regularly kicked by Teenagers and a rat with a walking stick.

Then there are the henchmen he surrounds himself with, Bebop and Rocksteady.  Sure, it may seem like a good idea to pair up with a talking Rhino and Wild Boar with guns. I mean what could go wrong with that combo? And everyone deserves a second chance, so if they messed up killing the turtles a few times I can understand Shredder cutting them some slack. But after 6 years of non-success he needs to get some new sidekicks. There is no way in hell that the performance reviews for these guys are good. And it’s not like he has a lack of minions. The guy builds an army of robot ninjas everyday. Instead of building several small robots why not build 5 really f’n big ones.

That brings up my next point. Shredder has access to some of the most amazing technology ever. Interdimentional teleporter? Check! Gene splicing ray guns? Check! Headquarters capable of drilling into the center of the earth? Check! I’ve seen pre-teens do more harm to the community with cans of spray paint and gum balls then Shredder’s done!

Wonder Dress

1 07 2010

Several comic book fans have not liked the new look for Wonder Woman’s costumer. Some have said it looks like something a goth teenager would wear, others say that it looks like a Lara Croft knock off. Honestly, this is to be expected. When a hero changes costumes, there will always be opposition. Especially from fans. But let’s not fool ourselves here. Was the old Wonder Woman costume really that good?

I’m not a fan of the “classic” Wonder Woman costume. The image that most people affiliate Wonder Woman with is strong feminism. She is supposed to be what woman in a male dominated world wish to be like. Strong, confident, and respected. But if a woman walked into a court room (which Wonder Woman does all the time) dressed like her, or hell, if a woman walked into a Dairy Queen with a strapless one peace, do you think the men in that establishment will suddenly revisit their perspectives on women? Odds are they’ll bust out dollar bills.

I have seen women in rap videos dressed more conservative then Wonder Woman. Just think about her look, I mean really think about it. She wears a strapless one peace, she has stars on her butt and lower front *cough*, she wears long boots, and she uses a rope to tie down people. In my mind that describes a prostitute, and if you don’t agree then you’re lying. Wonder Woman’s outfit doesn’t fit with modern times. Why not change it? I’m not saying that the new look is good or bad, she needs a new look. Batman’s changed his several times, but managed to keep the same iconic presence. Same for Robin and Aquaman. Hell! Wonder Woman even used to wear a skirt! Is it too late for her to get it back? When you’re a female hero with villains that dress more conservatively then you do, it’s time for a wardrobe change.